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Web Development

Design (Aesthetics, Functionality etc.)
Development (Strategy, Infrastructure, Integrations, Safeguards, Management etc.)
Social Media (Content Sharing, Campaigning, Network Engagement etc.)
Branding/Marketing (Logo Creation, Reputation Management, CRM, SEO etc.)
E-Commerce (Marketplace Integration, Inventory Management etc.)
Consulting (On/Off Site Training, Seminar/Webinar etc
Social Media
Site Integration
Content Sharing
header1With the enormous presence that exists within the various social networking communities, it’s imperative that each one is exploited simultaneously. Each site we build will be fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Blogger, Tumblr etc. in order to maximize exposure and ensure that the masses are acquainted with your brand and also have the option of engaging in the new exciting things that are happening. Now more than ever it’s important that brands understand the importance of letting people know how much their attention matters. Among our vast areas of expertise is our savvy approach to creating social media campaigns that encourage the involvement and participation of your target audience which can quickly spark an eager, cult-like following in no time.



Logo Design
Reputation Management
Search Engine Optimization

header1You can’t connect with something that doesn’t have an established identity, and without that, you certainly can’t convince the market that it’s worthwhile. At Believe Creations we pride ourselves on helping brands define themselves in a way that causes the consumer/viewer to attribute appreciative value to it, thus making it a magnet of intrigue and profitability. Behind every solid brand is a sold philosophy and our understanding of that allows us to help the client discover those principles and then weave them into every component of their site. As a result, aesthetic and infrastructure reinforce purpose and visa versa. Once this is accomplished, the marketing hooks of the site penetrate much deeper. And once successful branding meets clever marketing, you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Marketplace Integration
Inventory Management
Selling Techniques

header1After it’s all said and done, profitability is what matters most. As today’s consumer becomes increasingly empowered by having their voices heard and being able to enforce brand integrity, more people are becoming comfortable shopping online. With this in mind, we are careful to include every ingredient necessary to ensure that our client is capitalizing in every way possible. Our team provides third party marketplace integration (i.e. E-bay, Amazon etc.), inventory and accounting management, secure checkout systems, shipping carrier integration and a host of other solutions that maximize ROI while also providing a user-friendly experience.


header1         At Believable Creations, we understand that web is a visual experience before it is anything else. For today’s more critical consumer/viewer, no matter how awesome your product or service may be, if it doesn’t look attractive at first glance then chances are you’ve already lost a great deal of their interest. For this reason, our creative design team goes above and beyond the status quo to ensure that your site is aesthetically appealing, functionally fluid and complimentary to what your brand represents. And with the widespread rippling effect of word-of-mouth advertising, having a site that is both visually captivating and one-of-a-kind will certainly get people talking, increase traffic and ultimately boost sales.


Site Optimization
On/Off Site Training
User-Friendly Site Management
UIX User Experience
SEO Analysis
Email Marketing

header1 It’s important to us that our clients know that we are here to make sure that they succeed beyond what they could have conceived and that were always within reach. Whether it’s on-site assistance or video conferencing to enhance your internal team’s effectiveness, we fully avail ourselves to our clients to ensure that they feel confident and empowered in their ability to understand, administrate and update their site. With our clients in mind, we also created a comprehensive project status system that enables you to login with a user name and password and see progress reports that identify how far along we are with your project in addition to having a live chat option with Skype integration where you can quickly get a question answered or express any comments or concerns.

Sound Production

Sound Production

Composing (Producing, Lyrics, ect)

Mixing (Sound Editing, Voice Enhancement, Noise Elimination, ect)

Scoring (Genre Specific, Engineering Multiple Tracks, Compliment Your Scene)


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In many cases in today's desperate music marker, the desire for a "smash hit record" has eclipsed the existence's true inspiration and authentic artistry. At Believable Creations we understand the creative process in its various applications and we're always conscious of staying true to it. From lyrics and vocal production to top-line melodies and production, we are your one-stop-ship for that quality record that doesn't feel contrived.            




Sound Editing

Voice Enhancement

Noise Elimination

Particularly when it comes to music, sonic excellence is all about nuance. Our sharp-eared sound engineers have the skill-set necessary to make all those seemingly minor adjustments that can transform a track from good to exceptional. Whether it's a tweak in pitch, tone, or harmony or something as simple as an added effect, these are the small components that a quality engineer can manipulate in order to make your recording stand out.



Genre Specific Composing

Engineering Multiple Tracks

Compliment Your Scene

The dynamic combination of an awesome visual accompanied by a riveting musical score is the recepe for an epic scene. If you give us a good scene we have the musical ingredients to make it a memorable one. Our composers have the keen sensibilities necessary to place every explosive brass accent and suspenseful, subtle string melody precisely on cue. From there our sound engineers work their magic once again to create a finished product worthy of recognition.


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